Zine Package: Labor Solidarity


Contains the following zines: Three Essays by Bob Black (The Abolition of Work, Primitive Affluence: a Postscript to Sahlins, Technophilia, An Infantile Disorder), Wealth and Want in the United States by Michael Parenti, The Lessons of Easter Island by Clive Ponting, Workers\’ Autonomy by Bratach Dubh, Show Me the Money! #31, May Day: The History of the International Workers\’ Holiday by Eric Chase, Solidarity is a Weapon!, I Defy Number Nine, Noise, Future Primitive by John Zerzan, On Sabotage as One of the Fine Arts by the Asturian Institute of Comparative Vandalism, We All Live In Bhopal by David Watson, The Social Ideology of the Motorcar by Andre Gorz, and Industrial Society and It\’s Future: The Unabomber\’s Manifesto.

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